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Banjul, 25 October 2021: The Republic of Niger has paid reparation worth 30 Million FCFA (about USD 53,000) to a slavery victim, identified here as F.M., as a step towards implementing the judgment passed by the ECOWAS Court in June 2021 in lawsuit F.M. v Niger. In its judgment, the ECOWAS Court found Niger in violation of the right of F.M. and her children to dignity, and their right to fair trial. The Court also found that Niger had failed in its duty to protect F.M. and her family, as well as the best interest and the right to development of her children, and urged Niger to pay the victims reparation amounting to 63 Million FCFA (about USD114,000).

F.M., who has expressed appreciation after receiving the compensation, has purchased a house to ensure decent shelter for her family, and plans to start up a business for livelihood support to her family.

The victim’s agents, IHRDA and Niger partner Timidria, commend the efforts of Niger Government, and call on the Government to fully comply with the decision, and to put in place structural measures to curb slavery which is a systemic problem in Niger.

The case concerns the enslavement of F.M. and her children (minors) by a family for several decades, with Niger courts failing to provide them remedy, though Niger laws criminalise slavery.