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WORKSHOP 1IHRDA’s capacity building projects are in line with its vision of  a continent where all have access to justice through national, African and international human rights  mechanisms. IHRDA therefore  undertakes and participates in various projects to increase the effectiveness and accessibility of the human rights protection mechanisms of the African Union, since one of the critical challenges to  their effectiveness  is the lack of awareness on these mechanisms (i.e. the applicable instruments, the protection bodies and their practice and procedure).

IHRDA has undertaken to promote respect for human rights on the continent by supporting and strengthening human rights protection institutions both at national and supra-national levels in Africa, ensuring compliance with the existing norms, and making the mechanisms widely accessible to victims of human rights violations and other civil society actors.  Among others,  IHRDA provides impact-driven training on the African human rights systems to lawyers, civil society, individual activists or human rights defenders, as well as the general public.  The trainings cover the normative standards for the protection of human and peoples’ rights,  the respective monitoring and protection bodies, and procedure of African Human Rights  Institutions.                                                                      workshop 2

  IHRDA also undertakes projects aimed at enhancing the capacity of domestic rule of law institutions and enhancing the knowledge and skills of strategic public officers (e.g. judges) to improve the administration of justice based on human rights standards.

Further, IHRDA facilitates and participates in collaboration among African supra-national human rights bodies, and partner organisations in order to help them tackle critical thematic human rights issues in Africa.

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