Statement by IHRDA @ 31st Ordinary Session of ACERWC, Bamako, Mali - April 2018
Focusing the increasing rate of child trafficking in Cameroon & many other African countries
IHRDA, OHCHR Organize Human Rights Training for Gambia National Assembly - March 2018
IHRDA organizes human rights training for Gambia Prison Service - Feb 2018
IHRDA organizes human rights training for Gambia Drug Law Enforcement Officers - February 2018
Child Rights Strategic Litigation in Africa Workshop - Feb 2018
IHRDA organizes training & case-identification with West & Central Africa CSOs
IHRDA organizes human rights training for Gambia Immigration Department - Feb 2018
IHRDA trains officers for human rights education in Gambia's Intelligence Service - Jan 2018
L-R: Rep. of SIS Director of Training; UK Deputy Ambassador to The Gambia; IHRDA Director of Programs
IHRDA organizes human rights refresher course for Gambia Jugdes - Jan 2018
President of Federal Republic of Germany meeting with CSOs in The Gambia - December 2017
Meeting moderated by IHRDA Executive Director
Meeting with Dutch Ambassador to Senegal in working visit to The Gambia - December 2017
IHRDA organizes human rights refresher course for Gambia Magistrates - December 2017
Application of international human rights law in judicial practice
Hearing on Communication 006/Com/002/2015: IHRDA & FGI (on behalf of TFA, a child) Vs Cameroon - December 2017
IHRDA makes Statement @ the 61 OS of ACHPR on shrinking civic space in Africa - November 2017
IHRDA promotes African human rights system in Sweden - October 2017
Seminar organised by SFHR; working visit at Plan & Save the Children
IHRDA launches human rights capacity-building program for Gambia intelligence Services - Sep 2017
L-R: IHRDA's Executive Director; Gambia's SIS Director General; UK Ambassador to The Gambia
Launching of Mali's Profile on IHRDA's online SGBV database - July 2017
Presided at by Chairperson for Mali’s National Human Rights Commission, Kadidja Sangaré.
IHRDA & Safe Hands For Girls training for Gambian Prosecutors & Child Welfare Officers - July 2017
Focused on tackling FGM and other Harmful Practices against girls.
Hearing of Request 046/2016 - APDF & IHRDA v. Mali @ AfCHPR - May 2017
Challenging provisions of Malian Code of Persons and the Family inconsistent with Maputo Protocol
IHRDA urges ACHPR to improve its protective mandate - May 2017
Statement at 60th OS of ACHPR - Niamey, Niger
IHRDA trains Nigerian Lawyers, CSOs on litigating women’s rights - March 2017
IHRDA trains Lawyers, CSOs on advancing women's rights in Gambia using int'l legal instruments - March 2017
Teaching Human Rights in Gambia Police Training School: IHRDA organizes training of trainers' workshop - Feb 2017
IHRDA organises workshop to validate Gambia's legal resources on SGBV - Nov 2016
L-R: High Court Judge; Court of Appeal Judge; IHRDA's Director of Programs; IHRDA's Board Chair (Senior Gambian Lawyer)
Historic hand-shake: IHRDA, Malawi reach amicable settlement in case before ACERWC - October 2016
IHRDA's ED (L); ACERWC's Chair (C); Malawi's Solicitor-General (R) @ 28th Ordinary Session of ACERWC
Launching of ACERWC's African child rights case-law database - Oct 2016
Developed by IHRDA with support of ACERWC & HURIDOCS
IHRDA organises colloquium on mining-related human rights abuses in DRC - September 2016
IHRDA's 17th Ordinary Board Meeting, held in The Gambia - July 2016
IHRDA trains Malian female lawyers & CSOs on women's rights litigation - July 2016
IHRDA facilitates litigation surgery on FGM in Burkina Faso - July 2016
Organized by Equality Now & Voix des Femmes
IHRDA facilitates Oxfam training on strategic women's rights litigation in Nigeria - June 2016
IHRDA hands human rights manual for Gambia law enforcment agencies - March 2016
Concluding activities in human rights capacity-building project for Gambia law enforcement agencies
Human rights capacity-building in Guinea - February 2016
IHRDA's Legal Officer facilitating training and case identification workshop with CSOs and Lawyers
Human rights capacity-building in Guinea - February 2016
IHRDA trains Magistrates on application of int'l human rights standards
Panel discussion on status of women’s human rights defenders in Africa - 10th anniversary of the East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders’ Project – Kampala, Oct 2015
IHRDA's Legal Officer, Oludayo Fagbemi (first from left), was a panellist
Capacity-building and Case-identification Workshop with Malian Lawyers and CSOs - Oct 2015
Gaye Sowe adds value on the use of regional instruments and mechanisms for protection of human rights
Training Malian Judicial Officers on Application of African Human Rights Instruments – Oct 2015
L-R: Dr Horace Adjolohun of the African Commission; Ambassador Fatoumata Diakite of APDF; Malian Minister for Human Rights, Madam Aminata Malle; & IHRDA's Gaye Sowe


IHRDA we “Defend” victims of human rights violations before domestic and regional judicial bodies and also make sure that the judicial decisions lead to positive change.


IHRDA we “Educate” by training human rights actors and ensuring that domestic laws epitomize international human rights standards.



IHRDA we “Inform” by disseminating information about cases from the African Human Rights System, we also publish and distribute our books on various human rights issues.



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