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Help for victims of human rights violation

If you have experienced or you know someone who has experienced a human rights violation, and you need help to obtain justice, we may be of help. IHRDA offers its services free of charge.

Though we are a small organization with substantial amount of work, we try as much as possible to respond to and/or support victims who seek our assistance. It is important to note that IHRDA only provides legal expertise, and does not have the means to offer financial and material assistance to victims.

If you need our assistance, please send an email to with subject line marked “New case of human rights violation”, giving brief details of the case with your contact details. We will respond as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you can call us on:

Tel: +220 44 10 413 OR +220 44 10 414

Cell: +220 77 51 200 OR +220 33 51 200