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Friends of IHRDA

The Friends of the Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa was founded with the aim to:

Support IHRDA’s activities, including distribution of IHRDA’s publications in the USA;

  • Publicise the work of IHRDA in the USA;
  • Act as agent for IHRDA in the USA;
  • Raise funds for IHRDA’s programmes by making it possible for US taxpayers to make tax-deductible contributions.

Friends of IHRDA is registered in the State of Maryland as a non-profit organisation and is registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the US as a tax-exempt organisation under article 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. By its governing statute, the Friends of IHRDA maintains the same Board of Directors as IHRDA itself, with the addition of one member, the Treasurer, who according to Maryland law must be a resident of the State.

Donations to the Friends of IHRDA are used to support IHRDA’s work of strengthening human rights protection in Africa through legal aid, capacity-building and publications.  Donations may be sent to:

Friends of the Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa
209 Harrison St
Rockville, MD 20850

For more information on how your donation has been used please contact the Executive Director.

Mission Statement of Friends of IHRDA

The Friends of IHRDA works to increase the effectiveness and accessibility of the human rights protection mechanisms of the African Union. It does so by supporting and publicising the work of IHRDA.