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IHRDA through its theme “defend” has had an impact on the development of the interpretation of human rights instruments. Consequentltly,this has helped in making African human rights instruments comprehensible. This is why we identify such cases or communications as landmark cases.

Please find below a list of our landmark cases.

Communications: 54/91, 61/91, 98/93,164/97,196/97, 210/98/Mauritania

Close to 100,000 black Mauritanians were forcibly expelled to Senegal and Mali by the then Mauritanian Government, after being stripped of proof of their citizenship. These expulsions were carried out in the wake of long-standing ethnic tensions between Arab and black Mauritanians, systematic violations of human rights and ethnic discrimination. The victims were condemned to […]

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IHRDA and Open Society Justice Initiative on behalf of Children of Kenya of Nubian Descent in Kenya v The Government of Kenya- Decision: No 002/Com/002/2009

This is the first decision of its kind to be delivered by the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child (the ACERWC) since its inception on the 21 of July 2001. Firstly, the African Committee is the only body globally which is specialized designed to protect and defend children’s rights; […]

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In 2005 on Communication 301/05: Haregewoin Gabre-Salassie and IHRDA (on behalf of Dergue Officials) v Ethiopia)

In this communication the Respondents claimed that IHRDA is not eligible to file a communication on behalf of Ethiopians because, IHRDA is not based in Ethiopia. The African Commission held that  citizenship is not a requirement once  the alledged violations are based on rights enshrined in the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. The […]

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