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Communication 470/14 – Ibrahim Almaz Deng & 6 Others (Represented by IHRDA) v. Sudan

By December 8, 2015March 18th, 2021No Comments

The case filed on 29 May 2014 is pending before the African Commission and was filed by the IHRDA with the support of the American Bar Association on behalf of 7 Sudanese nationals on death row. The arrests, detention, trial and conviction of the said 7 people breached international human rights standards, particularly the provisions of the African Charter. Faced with the possible execution of all 7 inmates, the IHRDA filed a case on their behalf and further requested for provisional measures. Provisional measures were granted by the African Commission in June 2014. This is a significant achievement in that the complainants could have been executed if a request for provisional measures was not made and granted by the African Commission. The provisional measures would serve as a stay of execution pending the time the African Commission considers the case on the merits. We were informed during the African Commission’s last session in November 2015 that consideration of our admissibility arguments was deferred to the next session of the Commission.