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Banjul, 13 July, 2021 – IHRDA has today, 13 July 2021, receives a recognition award from the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) of The Gambia for its support to the work of the TRRC and the transitional justice processes in The Gambia.

IHRDA was one of five organizations awarded recognition for support to the mandate of the TRRC. Other award recipients were the United Nations mission in The Gambia, Catholic Relief Services, International IDEA and International Center for Transitional Justice.

In her opening remarks, Director of Administration and Human Resources at the TRRC, Mrs. Haddy Jallow, said, “I want to use this event to let the world know these partners have been instrumental in achieving our objectives…I am very delighted to have worked with the IHRDA team. They tirelessly supported our work through staff capacity and technical equipment.”

On his part, Executive Director for IHRDA, Mr. Gaye Sowe, while receiving the award said, “It is one thing to do good work, but another thing for it to be recognized. Open Society Foundations (OSF) through IHRDA funded activities of the TRRC. As a team, we are honored to have supported the work of the TRRC, and we look forward to participate in monitoring the implementation of its recommendations when published.”

It is worth noting that IHRDA has been one of the leading civil society organizations supporting the transitional justice processes in The Gambia, since 2017. Besides providing capacity-building and technical support to both State and non-State actors, supporting reforms in various State institutions, notably in the area of human rights and justice, IHRDA played a key role in the putting in place of the TRRC, as member of the steering committee for The Gambia’s transitional justice framework.