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Case against Ethiopia before the African Commission, on restriction to freedom of expression and the right to vote

By October 25, 2016September 10th, 2019No Comments

IHRDA in collaboration with RFK Human Rights filed the case before the African Commission in December 2015 which addresses violations of the right to vote resulting from the restrictions in the political space in Ethiopia in the run up to the parliamentary elections held in May 2015, particularly the restrictions on press freedom and the crackdown on political opponents of the ruling party. We received confirmation that the Commission seized the matter in January 2016. The admissibility brief was prepared and submitted to the Commission in May 2016. We continue to await the decision on admissibility by the Commission.

The case is registered at the African Commission as Communication 599/16 – Ethiopian Human Rights Project (Represented by Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa) v the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia