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Updates on Implementation of African Commission’s Recommendations in the case ‘Malawi African Association & Others v. Mauritania’

By December 8, 2015March 18th, 2021No Comments

As implementation of judgments in the African regional system remains primordial concern in our work, IHRDA and partners (Open Society Justice Initiative – OSJI, and Association Mauritanienne des Droits de l’Homme, (AMDH) forged ahead with efforts to ensure that government of Mauritania comply with the African Commission’s recommendations in the case of Malawi Africa Association, et al. v. Mauritania, on arbitrary deprivation of citizenship and other issues, decided by the African Commission in 2000

In addition to the 6 cases identified within the last reporting period, AMDH identified about 74 more persons to whom the local courts had unduly refused to issue identification documents – making a total of 80. All relevant information pertaining to their application for identification documents have been collected. During the 57th Ordinary Session of the African Commission (in November 2015), IHRDA and OSJI lobbied the Commission to organise a panel discussion on implementation of decisions. We brought in a representative of AMDH as one of the panellist to brief the audience and further raise awareness on the level of compliance of the above-named African Commission recommendations by Mauritanian government. Presently, we are planning a mission to Mauritania this December 2015 to engage in dialogue with the competent Mauritanian government officials on behalf of the 80 persons we have identified, and eventually other victims. As highlighted in the previous report, we may seize the African Commission to refer the decision to the African Court, if government continues to deny the said people their identification documents, thereby effectively denying them Mauritanian nationality.