IHRDA Goes Greener


The Institute for Human Rights and Development in Africa (IHRDA) goes greener by using green as its logo color, by creating an ever greener, fresher and colorful surrounding of beautiful flowers at its office in Brusubi and by relying on an electrical system that is powered by solar energy.

 The colour green which represents peace is the suitable definition of the IHRDA’s work environment. IHRDA’s natural and colorful garden reliefs every person in its surrounding.

 IHRDA’s passion for human rights guides it in decision making and led it to rely on solar energy for electrical supply from inception in 1997 to date and it installed a brand new solar panel in June 2012.

 A solar system which is ideal for tropical Gambia, supplies reliable source of electricity for IHRDA staff and cause less pollution to the environment.

A suitable environment  for development is a fundamental right as stated in Article 24 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, “all people shall have the right to a general satisfactory environment favorable to their development”.

In addition it is cost effective. Within the interval of installation of the new solar system, IHRDA spent about 6 000 Dalasis on fuel to sustain the electrical generator, which is a pollutant. IHRDA always comes up with new innovation to provide the perfect environment for the staff to use their skills and also contribute to sustainability of the atmosphere.  IHRDA  provides the perfect avenue for it to defend, educate and inform.


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