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Legal aid in The Gambia: An introduction to law and practice

Access to justice is a fundamental human right. Legal aid is all about providing legal assistance to indigent people to protect their fundamental rights and obtain a fair hearing.

IHRDA is pleased to be at the forefront of advocacy for legal aid in The Gambia. IHRDA’s involvement in advocacy for legal aid in The Gambia is multi-pronged. This entailed working with different stake-holders, namely the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Bench and the Bar, civil society partners, lobbying for law-making and providing legal aid necessary for advancing stalled cases involving children before the Children’s Court in The Gambia.

After several years of collaboration with the AG’s Chambers, Bar and Bench in The Gambia, the Legal Aid Act of The Gambia was passed into law in November 2008. This publication provides information about the law on legal aid in The Gambia, how and where to access legal aid and also provides recommendations on how to render legal aid more effective. It is hoped that this publication will serve as a useful tool to all who need legal aid, as well as to those who provide legal aid.

The publication is accompanied by 3 leaflets which summarise the information on legal aid. They are available in English, Wolof and Mandinka.

Download ‘Legal aid in The Gambia’ – book

Download ‘Legal aid in The Gambia’ – leaflet

Download ‘Luwa la deemaroo kambiya kono’ – leaflet Mandinka

Download ‘Ndimbalu heehal miskin yi ci aatekaayu nguur gi ci biir Gambiya’ – leaflet Wolof