Our vision: we envision an African  continent where human rights and access to justice are guaranteed to all by national, African and international human rights  mechanisms.


Our Mission:we strive to strengthen human rights protection and promotion in Africa by:

  • Offering pro bono legal counsel for victims of human right abuses;
  • Conducting capacity building initiatives;
  • Disseminating information on the African Human Rights System.

Our endeavours demonstrate that human rights instruments and mechanisms in Africa can be effective.

Our valuesDID IT

  • DEDICATION – Board and Staff members are committed to seeking justice
  • INTEGRITY- Board and Staff members are steadfast in keeping high ethical standards and these are reflected in the design of programmes and their implementations:
  • DILIGENCE – All those working at the Institute are committed to accomplish their day to day activities assiduously and conscientiously;
  • INNOVATION -IHRDA will continue to be creative and innovative in outlook in order not to produce “more of the same” in terms of projects and activities;
  • TEAM WORK -At the Institute, we appreciate the impotance of teamwork in bringing justice and dignity to the lives of people on the African continent via the promotion and defence of human rights.